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Shenzhen Birss Houseware Co.,ltd

We are a well-known manufacturer and supplier of cookware accessories in China


About Us

Shenzhen Birss Houseware Co.,ltd

The company manufactures accessories for aluminum non-stick, stainless steel and enamel cookware, including a variety of Bakelite handles, glass lid handles, and various accessories. The company also offers a wide range of bakelite housing of kitchen appliances,housing of sandwich,housing of waffle maker.

The company provides customers with services from mold design and development for 3D printing samples before making molds. The company has mold maintenance and repair equipment, bakelite injection molding machine, plastic injection molding machine, stamping equipment, film bag automatic packaging equipment more than 20 sets, the average daily production capacity of 70,000/PCS, for a long time we have provided efficient and pragmatic services to our customers according to their requirements, providing them with qualified and high quality products., on-time delivery. 

Our products have served for famous brands in Korea, Japan and other countries and have accumulated rich experience, we also look forward to providing services and products for more customers. We continue to create valuable products and supply chain for our customers.

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